The NAIPC has three divisions. Please make sure you register for the correct one.

NAIPC Invitational Division

Participation in this division is by invitation only. The top 5 schools from each of the 11 North American regionals in 2018 will be invited to participate. If your team did not receive an invitation, please contact

NAIPC Open Division (USA and Canada)

You can register your team through the ICPC website:

Please register in the “Open Division (USA + Canada)” site.

Please note that teams in the Open Division do not need to have three members; individual teams or teams of two are acceptable. Contestants do not have to be ICPC-eligible; in particular, coaches and graduate students are welcome to register for the Open Division.

Please note that you will need an ICPC account to register for this division. If you do not have an ICPC account, you can create one by clicking on the “SIGN UP” button on the ICPC website.

NAIPC Open Division (Rest of the World)

Registration is the same as for the previous division, except you must register for the “Open Division (Rest of the World)” site. Please remember that teams in this division are not eligible for prizes.