Invitational Division

Rank School  
First Place Massachusetts Institute of Technology Champion
Second Place Stanford University Gold Medal
Third Place University of Waterloo Gold Medal
Fourth Place Harvard University Silver Medal
Fifth Place Princeton University Silver Medal
Sixth Place University of Southern California Bronze Medal
Seventh Place Columbia University Bronze Medal
Eighth Place University of British Columbia  
Ninth Place Carnegie Mellon University  
Tenth Place University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign  

Teams ranked in 11th or lower place who solved at least one problem receive an Honorable Mention.

Champions received a $250 Amazon gift card each. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists received $150, $75, and $50 Amazon gift cards, respectively.

See the full standings of the Invitational Division

Open Division

The NAIPC had two Open Divisions:

  • Open Division (USA + Canada): 104 teams competed in this division. Various prizes were raffled amongst the teams, with better prizes for teams that solved the most problems. See full standings.
  • Open Division (Rest of the World): 20 teams competed in this division. See full standings.

Problem Set

Download the problem set. Judges’ data and solutions is available here.