Rank School  
First Place Massachusetts Institute of Technology Champion and Gold Medal
Second Place University of Central Florida Gold Medal
Third Place University of Toronto Silver Medal
Fourth Place University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Silver Medal
Fifth Place The University of Texas at Brownsville Bronze Medal
Sixth Place Carnegie Mellon University Bronze Medal
Seventh Place New York University  
Eighth Place Stanford University  

The champion received a $12,000 cash prize, and the second-placed team received a $6,000 cash prize. Silver medallist teams each received a $3,000 cash prize. Bronze medallist teams each received a $1,500 cash prize. The seventh and eighth place teams each received three $150 Amazon gift cards.

Honorable Mentions

Iowa State University Michigan Technological University
Northwestern University University of California at Berkeley
University of California Irvine University of Chicago
University of Lethbridge University of Maryland
University of Southern California University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin - Madison Vanderbilt University
Virginia Tech  

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This year, the NAIPC also included an online contest, with more than 60 teams participating remotely from all over North America. This online contest was held at the same time, and used the same problem set, as the on-site contest. See the full standings of the online contest

Problem Set

Download the problem set

The judges’ data and solutions will be available soon.